About Us

Northwest Georgia Transportation ClubFor the better part of the last 75 years, the NWGTC has been a primary link within the transportation community in Northwest Georgia. Strategically located between major metropolitan areas of Chattanooga TN and Atlanta,GA, Dalton,GA is home to some of the largest floor covering manufacturing companies in the world! As a result, it is also home to many and various modes of transportation providers, both large and small.

The NWGTC was started as a means of networking providers and consumers to build a stronger transportation community within the northwest Georgia area. In years past, the cities of Rome, Lafayette, Calhoun and Chattanooga have played particularly important roles in our organization. Today, the reach of the NWGTC stretches not only to the transportation community, but to the rest of the community as well.

The main focus of the NWGTC is to educate our members, provide a networking opportunity and award college scholarships to local students. Last year our club was among the TOP transportation clubs in the US for scholarship donations.  With YOUR HELP through your membership, attendance of our quarterly meetings and our social functions…we will continue to have great success in this MOST important endeavor.

We offer both an individual membership and a corporate membership and our quarterly business/educational luncheons are held at the Dalton Golf and Country Club.  Our social functions are great for anyone at your company. Check out our events page to find out what’s next !

Fun, education, more fun, and more education is what we are about!   COME JOIN US!